martes, 31 de enero de 2006

The war among the Democrats.

File this under rumorville:

According to knowledgeable DNC sources, Dean about ten days ago was shown opposition research documents generated by the Republican National Committee more than three years ago, which laid out facts regarding Reid and his family's lobbying and ethical conflicts.

Dean, according to the sources, was fascinated by the details, and asked that his staff research and independently confirm everything on the documents. "Basically he oppo'd a member of his own party," says a DNC source loyal to Dean.


According to Democrat Party watchers and DNC staff, Dean has grown increasingly frustrated at how he is treated by the likes of Reid, Sen. Dick Durbin, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who leads the House Democrat candidate recruitment effort. "They treat him like a lackey, not as an equal," says another DNC employee. "Just last week, they were all badmouthing his fundraising activities, when clearly he's done a good job. What this comes down to a fight for the soul of our party, and if the chairman has to draw a long knife on a few of his colleagues, he's more than willing to do so."
This comes from a hard core Republican web site so I'm not quite willing at this point to say it is 100% accurate. However, if it is true, then Dean is going to sink the very issue that the Dems want to run on. That being Republican lobbying scandals. It would not surprise me that the Dems have problems here too. The whole town crawls with sleazy lobbyists looking for pols to buy. But firing a torpedo like this at his own party? That is going to get ugly. Especially in light of the Alito filibuster debacle which has the fringe left up in arms. I have yet to check out the unhinged left's reaction to confirmation vote which was 58-42. You'll notice that 42 number would have been enough to sustain a filibuster yet Alito was sworn in today. I'll wager an ice cold lager that the Kosbots are hopping mad at that one.

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